In order to maximize the Bringg experience, it is important that we all speak the same language.

Below you will find a short key that will help you understand what we refer to when we discuss different elements of the system:

  1. Dashboard – The managerial web interface that enables the business to manage tasks and drivers
  2. Merchant – Your company
  3. Driver – Your delivery person/repairman/field employee
  4. Driver App – The native mobile app for the driver, that manages all tasks assigned to them
  5. Customer app – Customers do not have to download any app to use the product. It is just a simple mobile web page that enables the customer to track the driver heading their way
  6. Admin – A user that is defined as an admin of the company. At Bringg, an Admin is the dispatcher. This user can do the following from the dashboard:
    1. Add new drivers & edit their details
    2. Add new orders
    3. Manage & assign drivers to orders
    4. Watch driver’s progress
    5. Generate reportsAn Admin user is also a driver, but a driver is not an admin user. This is true unless you have defined him as such.

      There could be more than One admin per company.

  7. Order – The task with all of the relevant details
  8. Customer – The person who is waiting to receive the service and goods
  9. Stop /Route – Each order contains at least One stop/route, which contains the customer details: name, phone & address.